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Looking at the front and inside flaps of OASE 100, covered in every colophon detail since issue 28 and itemized as index-like lists that are arranged by category, you can’t help but notice one thing. Those don’t go there. Almost as a reminder, the credits of the current issue are also near the back where designers typically put them. Through his work as both a designer and a teacher, Karel shares a kind of mindset with you. Sometimes, by way of an impossible exercise: “I often say, try to act as if you don’t know what a book is, like you’ve never seen a book cover before” (2010 interview with Harmen Liemburg)

︎Try To Act As If You Don’t Know

Imagine that the Finnish design system is a table with four legs. The entire infrastructure is supported equally by four pillars and each of them representing part of the industry – education, memory, profession and promotion. Playing a bit of the game ‘telephone’
here, the metaphor was heard from Professor Pekka Korvenmaa – during an open discussion at Design Museum Helsinki2– who allegedly heard it from Antti Nurmesniemi. A story’s origin, you could argue, is almost always up for debate but Korvenmaa, having written the book Finnish Design: A Concise History, had secured his reputation some years ago with a mass of reliable source material. As the professor reached the end of his opening remarks the audience was left on the edge of their seat: “if one leg falls, the table falls down

︎A Table With Three Legs

Without the about, the reader wouldn’t know that the publishers of this zine are Helsinki-based, or that they initiate projects that exist in the margins of architecture and design, or that their website is built using Indexhibit – though maybe in the future they would like to update it into something else (selim.fi/about). There’s no chance of knowing that S’lim Zine has two different International Standard Serial Numbers, or that each issue is deliberately restricted to 36 A4 sized pages,1 or that Nº6 is about Helsinki – without the about...

︎Read All It About

The first time Ulysses appeared in Finnish (Odysseus, 1964) the translator of that novel, Pentti Saarikoski, consulted an instruction manual that today would be considered quite flawed, or at least out of date. Can you describe how your own translation of Ulysses (2012) and the one that came before it have been influenced by two different notions of contemporary literature?

    Leevi Lehto   
I’ve said somewhere, half-jokingly, that Saarikoski’s Odysseus may come close to what Joyce’s Ulysses might have turned into should Ezra Pound have had his editorial way with it...

︎Concerning Constraint in the Work of Leevi Lehto and Gary Burns

Short fiction
There is a hotel in a town next to a church on a street in a valley not far from Los Angeles that no longer exists.

On the second to last day of August, at approximately half past one in the afternoon, both the hotel and adjacent church burned to the ground leaving next to nothing behind. The cause of the fire remains unknown, though some still point to the unfavorable weather conditions that day, the warmest on record dating back to 1890 when the National Committee on Accumulated Atmosphere began collecting data. Others, including nine county judicial members, a jury of 12 townspeople from neighboring jurisdictions, and one high school basketball coach, cling to the belief that a local youth is to blame. The young Orlando Rolande, currently in custody, was reported fleeing from the scene in question while serving a voluntary mission for the church...

︎A Vacuum Cleaner Is For Cleaning Except When It Is Not

If those who are undone by theory become theorists, what becomes of those who are undone by fashion?

Join Daniel Palillo at Design Museum Helsinki in a hands-on workshop for undoing fashion. An event for becoming  makeshift makeup artists and objects of
the eye. Live face making, with skin-safe ink or paper construction, will be captured by portrait specialsit Sanna Lehto. Participants will receive a digital copy of their portait after the event

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